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4.3 inch tft lcd screen

Viewing angle:full viewing angle/IPS
Interface Type:SPI+RGB
Industry Application:Our products are widely used in POS machines, smart home appliances, scanning code guns, face Identification, communication equipment, sports DV, smart access control, driving recorder, industrial field and other electronic equipment industries, etc.

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型号 (Part NO) Z43014 玻璃类型 (LCD Type) TFT/TRANSMISSIVE
尺寸 (Panel Size) 4.3 inch 分辨率 (Pixel arrangement) 480(RGB)*272
视角度 (Viewing Angle) Full viewing angle/IPS 工作温度 (Operating Temperature) -20°~70°
外形尺寸 (Module area) Customizable 储存温度 (Storage Temperature) -30°~80°
亮度 (Luminance) Customizable 接口类型 (Interface) SPI+RGB

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0.96" 80*160 IPS 13.50(W)*27.95(H)*1.55(T) 10.8*21.696 12PIN/Customizable 4 lane SPI
1.3" 240*240 IPS 26.17(W)*29.22(H)*1.50(T) 23.4*23.4 12PIN/Customizable 4 lane SPI
1.77" 128*160 IPS 34.00(W)*45.80(H)*2.45(T) 28.03*35.04 20PIN/Customizable 8 bit MCU
2.0" 240*320 IPS 37.68(W)*51.32(H)*2.30(T) 30.60*40.80 25PIN/Customizable 8 bit MCU/4 lane SPI
2.1" 480*480 IPS 56.18(W)*59.71(H)*2.30(T) 53.28*53.28 40PIN/Customizable SPI+RGB/MIPI



IPS 40.52(W)*57.00(H)*2.19(T) 36.72*48.96 20PIN/Customizable 8 bit/16 bit MCU/MIPI
TN 40.52(W)*57.00(H)*2.40(T) 36.72*48.96 30PIN/Customizable 8 bit/16 bit MCU/MIPI
2.8" 240*320 IPS 47.40(W)*65.95(H)*2.18(T) 43.2*57.6 30PIN/Customizable 8 bit/16 bit MCU
3.0" 480*854 IPS 42.70(W)*74.70(H)*2.50(T) 37.44*66.61 40PIN/Customizable SPI+RGB/MIPI

320*480 TN 54.76(W)*83.29(H)*2.39(T) 48.96*73.44 24PIN/Customizable 8 bit/16 bit MCU/MIPI
320*240 IPS 76.78(W)*63.74(H)*3.20(T) 70.08*52.56 54PIN/Customizable RGB
3.95" 480*480 IPS 74.83(W)*78.98(H)*2.12(T) 71.86*70.18 40PIN/Customizable MIPI
3.97" 480*800 IPS 55.44(W)*96.15(H)*1.71(T) 51.84*86.40 40PIN/Customizable SPI+RGB/MIPI
4.3" 480*272 IPS 105.46(W)*67.16(H)*2.75(T) 95.04*53.86 40PIN/Customizable RGB
4.5" 480*854 IPS 58.69(W)*107.48(H)*1.87(T) 55.44*98.64 45PIN/Customizable SPI+RGB/MIPI

480*854 IPS 66.40(W)*120.05(H)*2.20(T) 61.632*109.6536 40PIN/Customizable SPI+RGB/MIPI
720*1280 IPS 66.40(W)*120.05(H)*1.80(T) 62.10*110.40 31PIN/Customizable MIPI


720*1280 IPS 71.00(W)*130.20(H)*1.67(T) 68.04*120.96 40PIN/Customizable MIPI
6.86" 480*1280 IPS 65.82(W)*171.79(H)*2.6(T) 60.22*160.59 40PIN/Customizable MIPI
6.95" 600*1024 IPS 95.00(W)*163.10(H)*2.6(T) 89.28*152.37 31PIN/Customizable MIPI
7.0" 1024*600 IPS 163.60(W)*96.8(H)*2.58(T) 154.21*85.92 40PIN/Customizable RGB/MIPI/LVDS


800*1280 IPS 114.60(W)*184.1(H)*2.55(T) 107.64*172.22 31PIN/Customizable MIPI
8.9" 800*1280 IPS 125.48(W)*202.90(H)*2.6(T) 119.28*190.85 40PIN/Customizable MIPI

800*1280 IPS 143.10(W)*228.60(H)*2.6(T) 135.36*216.58 40PIN/Customizable MIPI
1200*1920 IPS 143.10(W)*228.60*2.6(T) 135.36*216.58 31PIN/Customizable MIPI

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Shenzhen Zhunyi Technology Co.,LTD was founded in 2009, is a professional LCD display screen high-tech production enterprise integrating RD,production,sales and service.We company is located in Shenzhen Baoan, with convenient transportation and beautiful scenery, adjacent to Shenzhen Airport,Guangshen Expressway and Yanjiang Expressway. Our company covers an area of 2,500 square meters and has 2 advanced fully automatic assembly lines, fully automatic polarizer attachment equipment, fully automatic COG/FOG pressing equipment, automatic indentation detection machine,and fully automatic backlight assembly equipment and so on. We has 800 square meters of 10,000-level dust-free workshops and 500 square meters of 100,000-level dust-free workshops. The internal cleanliness of the equipment is as high as 1,000. Our company produces liquid crystal display module (LCM), capacitive touch screen, new generation In-cell touch display integrated module, etc. The main dimensions of the product are 0.96--10.1 inch , 18:9 , 16:9 , 4: 3all kinds of products, We are good at tailoring products of different specifications and different technical requirements according to different requirements of customers to meet different needs of customers; Our products are widely used in POS machines, smart home appliances, scanning code guns, face Identification, communication equipment, sports DV, smart access control, driving recorder, industrial field and other electronic equipment industries, etc, the products are exported to Europe, America, Russia, Indonesia, India, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other parts of the world, winning the stability of various industries customer base and consumer recognition. Ourcompany has experienced and stable LCD / LCM professional RD team, skilled operators.We has unique research and development capabilities in software and hardware, and has obtained more than ten RD technology patents to help customers significantly shorten product development and mass production cycles, and provide customers with professional solutions in response to the rapid changes in the electronics industry. We focus on improving the technical content and quality of our products, continuously developing new products, diversifying and developing, and striving to optimize the industrial structure. Based on Shenzhen and facing the world, Zhunyi Technology has firmly entered its first decade of enterprise with strong technical research and development strength, excellent...






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